Men Who Dangle Themselves Like John Lennon To Brian Epstein.

Because there is such a thing as a pussy tease, women of the twenty-first century are right to feel sexually frustrated and enraged when “men” dangle the promise of themselves like John Lennon so often did to Brian Epstein. Though the historical origins of “the dangle” can most likely be traced to the homoeroticism of Rome, it’s important to look to one of the most concrete examples of the tantalizer: Lennon.

Knowing full well of Epstein’s desire for him, Lennon used the sexual power he wielded as a torture device to extract what he wanted from the longtime Beatles manager. And sure, he let Epstein suck him off a few times to placate him, but, by and large, Epstein was always left unsatisfied (one can surely imagine Lennon taunting him with the phrase, “What satisfaction canst thou have tonight?”).

This level of brandishing one’s body is common to the “men” of today, who, for whatever reason, are skittish about giving up the dick. Maybe it has to do with the overtness of how interested a woman is in sex that makes it unappealing to a “man.” Maybe the thrill of boning was only enjoyable to them when it felt more withheld. No one likes easy availability, after all–it connotes damaged goods.


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