Men Who Bring An Inflatable Doll From Their Bachelor Party to the 9/11 Memorial.

It’s ill-advised in general to bring one’s inflatable blow-up doll to any public venue, but this lack of decorum is compounded when the venue in question is, well, the 9/11 Memorial. And yet, that’s exactly what a gaggle of British “men” (the daintiest of the gender, followed closely by the French) decided would be best to do following a stag party.

Snapping selfies (also an extremely dickless act on any “man’s” part, as selfie-taking is, quite frankly, reserved for women as an act of aesthetic empowerment) with the unclothed vinyl woman, the quartet of blunderers laughed and gooned it up without a care in the world. When police intervened (the first amendment only goes so far in America), the groom/leader of the group shrugged, “Relax, it’s just a bachelor party.” And Britain wonders why we felt the need to bounce from that country.

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