Men Who Just Want to “Play It By Ear.”

As the newly evolved Britney Spears has iterated on her Glory album, “Yes or no, but no maybes/Not gonna beg, so don’t make me.” The resonance of this statement comes at a time when “men” are more prone than ever to using the expression, “Let’s just play it by ear” as a means to stave off commitment to any one path or person.

And, sure, the phrase might be older than the telegram, but its evasive nature is just what the modern “man” craves for casual, non-offensive avoidance. Though the term was originally meant to refer to the art of playing music without using the sheet notes, it soon evolved into what it is today: a way to say, “equivocalness is best.” Not only does the “man” who often reverts to this phrase when asked to decide upon anything real have issues with denial, but also–and worst of all–with dangling. Let a bitch fall off the ledge rather than holding her there wondering if she’s going to make it out alive. Otherwise she’s liable to pull herself up by your floppy, hair-ridden ears.

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