Men Who Drunkenly Skateboard…As Tacos.

To say that the view Missing A Dick holds on skateboarding is tenfold in intensity compared to Cher Horowitz’ is the very definition of understatement. But that contempt rises in stature when factoring in another element: the “man” who dresses as a taco while skateboarding over the Williamsburg Bridge to promote $1 tacos for the inebriated music lovers who come to Baby’s All Right.

The “taco” in question was, naturally, drunk at the time of deciding to carry out this endeavor of mass promotion. But is drunkenness not merely an extension of what we would do in ordinary life? Yes. And this “man’s” desire to dress up as a metaphorical vagina only proves what we already knew about all Williamsburg “men”: they don’t have dicks. But get your $1 taco from one of them nonetheless. Women have nothing if not plenty of access to “tacos” in this town.

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