Men Who Frequent the Williamsburg Pog Store.

To loosely quote Cher Horowitz, it is one thing to be nostalgic for the 90s, but it’s quite another to be so into it that you revert back to actually playing pogs. And yet, because Williamsburg caters to the endless cultivation of an adult playground, a pog store dedicated to the selling, trading and playing of pogs is expected to open off the Graham Avenue L at the end of August.

Though some are speculating this could very well be a hoax, the rule of thumb in this town is usually that the more absurd something is, the more likely it is to be true. And with purported tie-ins like 90s TV nights offering screenings of such awesomely bad programming as Full House and Step by Step, whatever this store ultimately decides to call itself will invariably be a field day for the dickless, a magnet for the regressive weaklings unable to face their true age.

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