Men Who Adhere to the Recycling Method When It Comes To You.

Because most “men” are well-aware of the ratio that exists when it comes to women, a great many feel inclined to take the recycling approach to “relationships” (a.k.a. fucking) by revisiting females they formerly discarded from their past. Whether it’s because they assume you’ll always be around just waiting to offer up the magical forest that is your pussy or because they have no concept of human emotions, a grand majority of “men” are prone to viewing you as “reusable material.”

And yet, for as wrong as you know it is to fall prey to the objectification that comes with being perceived as waste worth picking through again, you, like a plastic bottle or aluminum can, allow yourself to be drunk from once more. But let’s just say it doesn’t hurt to “pepper your rim” with a bit of strychnine for the second go-around.

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