Men Who Act Like They Aren’t Fully Aware of The Ratio.

There is an unfair ratio in this town. One that heavily tips in favor of the “male” prowl. It is something like 9:1 (this is mathematical hyperbole, yes, but sounds completely accurate as far as Missing A Dick is concerned). It is odds like these that merely further compel the average “man” to act like a whore/asshole/ghost with regard to comportment toward the women they manage to penetrate.

Why bother treating a woman well, after all, when there are so many to swing one’s nonexistent dick at? Sadly, this tends to result in another unjust ratio: that of female tears to “male” tears. The hours a dame will spend wasting her energy on the sadness of being easily disposed of is a blip to “men” who have no need of mourning the loss of any pussy–because it’s a cinch to discover another. Furthermore, because the straight “male” population is a dying breed (blame Michael Cera for being a viable leading “man” to this generation), the ratio only augments, adding to that vial of female tears that will soon need a vat for storage.


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