Men Who Only Partake of Pride Weekend to Fulfill A Fantasy Fetish.

“Men” are slimy creatures as a rule. There’s nothing they won’t do to fulfill whatever sexual whim they might be lusting after in the moment. And one of the best ways for a “man” to realize the fantasy he has to see two women being intimate with one another is to go to the NYC Pride Parade–most likely under the guise of wanting to be “considerate” and “express solidarity.”

Chock full of all manner of drunken revelers–including women in same sex relationships–the “straight” “man” in attendance at the parade is always someone of a dubious nature. Sure, he wants to show his support for his “friends” in the LGBTQ community, all the while ogling the two girls in the crowd who just so happen to be “subtly” making out. And, of course, if he’s truly enterprising, he’ll take a stride through the New York City Dyke March. However, those “men” who were able to get a taste of their fetishes this weekend were probably punished with the ultimate “straight” “man’s” boner killer: an appearance by Hillary Clinton.

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