Men Who Only Know How To Treat Women Like Whores.

There is a known platitude about “men’s” perception of women that was, of course, resuscitated on Sex and the City when Charlotte had to deal with Trey’s weirdnesses about wanting to bone his wife, someone he felt was supposed to be virginal and chaste. He couldn’t get past that unfortunate psychological road bump specific to males known as the Madonna/whore complex.

This form of “psychic impotence,” as Freud called it, often leads to a worse extreme: “men” only knowing how to treat women like whores in order to sustain arousal and interest. Whether this means rough trade (including, but not limited to, bite marks), verbal abuse and/or literal payment for services rendered can vary from “man” to “man.” But the tragedy of it is that women feel compelled to cater to this deeply rooted psychological desire by prostrating themselves in ways they shouldn’t in order to get just a little bit of “dick.” But beware pushing your “whore” too far–she might just push you out the window in return.

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