Men Who Lie About Working on Broad City.

The methods by which “men” have the ability to lie not only to women but, most keenly, to themselves never ceases to amaze in this radius called New York. And, being that Broad City is the most wondrous depiction of life in this town since Sex and the City (we needn’t reiterate that Girls is total shit, but yeah, to reiterate, it is), it’s only natural that a “man” would wield this for his own ill-intentioned, lascivious benefit.

For what more predatory act than to pretend to be a writer for the show?–preying on every semi-sane female’s love of Abbi and Ilana, two impossibly sage women who know the plight of being deadbeat and sexual in a town that does nothing but encourage these descriptors. Because why would one of the best shows on television right now be written by a “man”? They all write for late night TV, after all. Plus, as Glazer so succinctly pointed out in her recent standup act calling out the offender of this egregious lie, no “men” write for Broad City, and it’s liable to stay that way after this incident.

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