Men Who Wear Sombreros Around Town.

Look, we all know that cultural appropriation is the hottest thing since IUDs, but sometimes, enough is enough. This has never been made clearer by the fact that “men” of Williamsburg apparently feel comfortable wearing a sombrero around town as though there’s nothing even slightly incongruous about it.

Sombreros on white men has really never worked

Sombreros on white “men” has really never worked

The only possible extenuating circumstances for wearing a sombrero in public as a white “man” is if 1) it’s the late 90s and you happened to have your birthday at Chevy’s or 2) you are one of the stars of the 1986 film Three Amigos. And even these instances are toeing a fine line. So please, if you must wear a hat, make it a KKK hood, because that’s what wearing a sombrero is coming across as anyway.

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