Men Who Buy $150 Patrón Donuts.

When it comes to dickless food trends, no area of Brooklyn is more savvy than Williamsburg. From rainbow bagels to gold donuts, there seems to be no shortage of absurdly priced and aesthetic’d gastronomical creations. The latest, however, takes the cake–or rather, yet again, the donut.

$150 a pop

$150 a pop

To cushion the blow of this bougie culinary endeavor, the “man” responsible for the donuts’ creation is saying that they will be offered for a limited-time only, and that all proceeds from the sale of these aluminum foil-looking concoctions will go to the American Cancer Society–a crafty plan for making it impossible for “men” to resist the temptation. But eat at your own risk, your dick shrivels an eighth of an inch every time you spend exorbitant sums of money on food that should cost a dollar.

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