Men Whose Apathy Kills You Softly.

Have you ever tried to prod a dead animal in the hope that it’s still alive? (no? Maybe you’ve never driven through deer country then). That’s what it’s like to get an apathetic “man” to give a shit. A.k.a. it’s never going to happen. While the stolid unresponsiveness of a “man” might appear like an initially alluring challenge, you’ll soon feel differently when you look at yourself in the mirror and notice all the vitality has been sucked out of you.

Apathy "Man": the "man" who kills you softly with not giving a shit

Apathy “Man”: the “man” who kills you softly with not giving a shit

Still, you’ll think to yourself, I’ve put so much time in now, surely just a little bit more will lead him to show a modicum of emotion in the form of an expression that goes beyond stoicism or a sentence that goes beyond two words. It won’t. He is content in his deflection of attachment, happy to scrape by on a minimum of involvement. Plus, once his apathy gives you that final soft stab, you’ll be the one blamed for not sticking it out. It’s a strategy filled with subterfuge and a dick missing, but it works. Just ask yourself if you can handle the slow death.

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