Men Who Go To Art Exhibits Inspired By Mary-Kate and Ashley.

With the Fuller House revival in full force (see that reiteration there?), the population at large is finding yet another reason to be reminded of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen–even though, of course, they’re not participating in the reboot. And, naturally, that population includes certain denizens of Williamsburg also responsible for bringing you the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding “Museum.”

Art in the 21st century

Art in the 21st century

This time their pop culture obsession pertains to opening a museum that will showcase the specific kind of “active portraiture” that details the Olsen twins in various states of shielding themselves whilst trying to avoid the paparazzi snapping a photo of them. But somehow there’s also a Real Housewives theme at play in the museum–it’s all very confusing, and you can try to figure it out and/or buy into millennial whimsy by contributing to their Kickstarter, which I have no intention of linking to because people should support their own damn dickless projects. If I want to see an Olsen homage, I’ll fucking watch Very Mary-Kate. In any case, if and when the project probably comes to fruition, it’s safe to say any “man” who attends the exhibit is either sexually confused or trying to discreetly masturbate in front of the paintings.

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