Men Who Use Furnishare.

As any woman trying to navigate the riffraff of Williamsburg (see: The Bedford Stop) will tell you, the first sign of a dickless “man” is one who uses Furnishare to outfit the interior design of his apartment, which, if he’s using Furnishare, probably means he doesn’t even own a condo. No, in fact, he’s most likely still clinging to what’s left of the “affordability” of the neighborhood by renting a shitty room on the south side.

Even the Furnishare logo seems a bit shoddy

Even the Furnishare logo seems a bit shoddy

He is also working way too hard to try to impress whoever he can manage to finagle into his apartment by bothering with a furniture renting service. Any “man” willing to accept himself for who he truly is shouldn’t be afraid to own up to his poverty level, thereby furnishing his home with whatever rich person’s leftovers he finds on the avenues from Bedford to Kent. It’s much more indickative of his character than a “man” who tries to put up a front that hides the true nature of his financial status.

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