Men Who Don’t Understand Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman’s Scorn.

Many have argued that vengeance is a dish best served cold–that the longer you wait to carry it out, the more clarity of mind you have. But to women, this form of waiting is crushing to the spirit, to the time-honored art of making someone pay for what he hath wrought upon you. Thus, the mindful “man” ought to do well to remember that playing games with a woman’s heart in the style of the Backstreet Boys song will only result in something terrible happening to him. There isn’t a band called She Wants Revenge for nothing, you know what I mean?

She wants blood

She wants blood

For, you see, a woman doesn’t run merely on calculation and apathy the way a “man” does. Her emotions and sheer force of will are what drive her unquenchable desire for retribution no matter what it takes–or how insane she might appear. This is, in many ways, what makes her a far more unstoppable force than “men” when it comes to the fine expression of avengement. Her level of rancor propels her forward at every turn, while the “man” she pursues is content to take a so-called Gandhi stance (let’s not forget about Gandhi’s sex life, shall we?) as he finds another female victim to convince of his goodness. But it won’t be long before every woman’s latent Beatrix Kiddo is unleashed to take hold of him in some form or another (not necessarily a murderous form, but not necessarily one that will allow him to escape physically unscathed).

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