Men Who Pay Money to Dye Their Hair Gray.

It is one thing for Andy Warhol to have donned a sometimes silver, sometimes white wig. He was Andy Warhol. He had to contend with a lot of physical shortcomings, which forced him to compensate by being bombastic. In the case of other “men,” however, there really isn’t any reason for them to be paying perfectly good money they could be spending on penile implants on dying their hair gray instead.

Waste o' dough

Waste o’ dough

While The New York Times may call it an “adventurous” act, this is also the publication that once declared “Last Stop on the L Train: Detroit“. And, yes, the “men” of North Brooklyn have plenty of money to throw around frivolously, but why do it for something that turns them into a magnet for women with daddy issues? For we all know most women orbiting Williamsburg are just looking for a father figure with salt and pepper hair to take their problems away. Thus, if a “man” dyes his hair gray, he’s not only going to look like an old “man,” but he’s going to be expected to act like one. This aesthetic deception will only lead to more disappointed women as they discover they’re fucking with boys that have duped them with George Clooney hair.

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