Men Who Don’t See The Bedford Ave./Rodeo Drive Parallel.

If there’s one thing Julia Roberts taught us, it’s that Rodeo Drive is the devil when it comes to highlighting class division. But perhaps if Pretty Woman had been shot post-2015, Garry Marshall might have opted instead to have it take place on Bedford Avenue, as this is the location that has now outshone Rodeo in terms of how much it costs to rent out a commercial space there.

The new Rodeo

The new Rodeo

Indeed, if it isn’t stores selling “high-end” clothing and/or jewelry like Amarcord and Catbird, then it’s corporate offerings like Duane Reade, Whole Foods and, soon, the Apple store. With fewer and fewer “mom and pop” entities able to afford the rent on Bedford Avenue, it’s only natural that it will soon make Rodeo Drive look like the old Bedford Avenue circa 1999. Because when it comes to neighborhoods, the motto is always: Recycle, reduce, reuse. So if you’re a “man” either 1) shopping on Bedford or 2) subsidizing someone else the way Edward did for Vivian to shop on Bedford Rodeo, be sure to buy a gold-plated dick to substitute the one you’re missing as well.




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