Men Who Work In A “Tech Hub.”

The only thing more dickless than living in Williamsburg is working there. How dare “men” try to make work fun with “loft-like” spaces and embarrassing luxuries like cappuccino machines and random bouncy balls (but no dicks) at the center of it all. What is this, a fucking playground or something? No, it’s work. In any case, the “men” of the neighborhood have apparently warranted receiving a condo-like office space that’s being referred to as a “tech hub.” Gross.

Fuck your pleasant workspace

Fuck your pleasant workspace

Best of all? The building will be made of glass. All the better to not throw stones with when “men” start complaining that they’re not making enough money to afford living in Williamsburg. The developers responsible for the proposed project are also already asking for the city to, once again, re-amend its zoning laws to allow for office space–which is a great idea, since we saw what rezoning did to Williamsburg in 2005. With rumors of the L train shutdown rampant, the desire for local, no-subway-commute-required white collar jobs is likely to triumph. In which case, steer clear of every bar in the Bedford vicinity lest you endure the douche baggery of mindless post-work chatter. But hey, as long as the tech-oriented “men” of the area have a comfortable little (480,000 square feet) space to work in, who cares?

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