Men Who Buy Doc Martens…From the Location on Bedford Ave.

Leave it to Williamsburg to ruin something as formerly proletarian as a pair of Doc Martens. Once a symbol of the “worker,” then a symbol of punk, it has now been commodified enough to warrant getting a large outpost on the new Madison Avenue, Bedford Avenue.

You're also missing a dick if you work there

You’re also missing a dick if you work there

It is one thing to buy a pair of Doc Martens from the Union Square or Lower East Side locations, once parts of Manhattan that represented grit and needing to wear intimidating boots for the sole purpose of kicking people in the face or area where the dick might be as they tried to mug you. But to stick a Doc Martens atop the avenue of Bedford somehow seems a grander sign of how anti-establishment emblems are so easily turned into profit. But at least now you can pick up a Ralph Lauren button-up after you buy your objectified footwear.

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