Men Who Do Yoga At a Studio Co-Founded by an Arcade Fire Band Member.

It’s already bad enough when “men” do yoga at all, but to do it at the Modo Yoga NYC location in Williamsburg with Arcade Fire band member Sarah Neufeld as your instructor is simply groundless in logic. For one, you know she’s only going to play soft indie music that hardly motivates you to find your so-called inner zen, and, for another, she’s going to depress the fuck out of you.

Teaching her ways--though not musically

Teaching her ways–though not musically

Why depress you, you demand? Well, because it’s a bit upsetting when musicians can’t simply be musicians–they have to have other “projects,” whether for financial need or simply to add to their repertoire of attention-grabbing antics (just look at James Murphy’s Williamsburg wine bar). And then we must consider the type of “man” who wants to take a class from Neufeld. He is the sort who has to tell his friends and, later, Tinder date over Kombucha or matcha that, yes, he is being schooled in the ancient art of yoga by someone from Arcade Fire. He has touched the pinnacle of celebrity in a neighborhood that hasn’t given us someone worthwhile since Barbra Streisand.


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