Men Who Close Good Co. To Turn It Into A “Southern Concept Restaurant.”

Ask anyone who remembers, and they’ll probably tell you that the Williamsburg you heard about being so filled with artistic energy and edge died with Cokey’s in the early 00s. And yet, it’s still hard to watch the continued fall of places that, yes, were hubs for assholes, but in some cases still held a special place in your heart because they were “old” and played music you could dance to without feeling ashamed.

And the lights will shine no more

And the lights will shine no more

The last of those places was Good Co., now slated to become a “Southern concept restaurant,” according to its owner, who has already closed the bar and eviscerated it of its signature bus that once invited revelers in a non-creepy way into its recesses. Whether it’s because of the overflow of Southerners in Williamsburg or a simple need to destroy what once was to create something completely unrecognizable, there is little appealing about sipping mint juleps and eating bite-sized ribs in the backyard that was once a beautiful retreat from the dance floor.

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