Men Who Eat Gold Donuts.

You might have thought that rich people eating gold products was a thing of the past, something that belonged to the Versailles era of living. But, sad to say, the modern day versions of the ultimate dickless “man,” Louis XIV, are living in Williamsburg, where their latest beloved food trend–after ponying up for $42 chicken–is gold-coated donuts.

Behold, this needless gold donut

Behold, this needless gold donut

At a semi-new restaurant called Manila Social Club near, appropriately, The Knitting Factory, the jelly-filled (at least one element kept plebeian) 24-karat yam-mousse and Cristal donut (or doughnut, if you want to give it that extra bit of fanciness it calls for) will set the “man” paying for your delicacy back $100. But, chances are, you’re too waifish for the “man” in question to allow you to have one. He’ll likely eat it for himself, fuck you in his condo and then head to Equinox to pay off his physical debt rather than his monetary one.

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