Men Who Use A Williamsburg-Specific App to Buy Christmas Gifts.

Maybe it has to do with being filthy rich and the lack of innovation or personality that comes with such a trait that has spawned Williamsburg “men’s” belief in the need for a localized app that will help them shop for their various bitches in time for the holidays. What else could be the explanation for Shophood, an app created by a 25-year-old “man“?

App logo for Shophood

App logo for Shophood

I suppose if you’re one of those nouveau riche types who have come into the neighborhood recently and for some reason have no idea about Catbird, The Bedford Cheese Shop and other such artisanal bougerie simply by walking down the street, then maybe you are challenged enough to need an app for the scant radius that comprises your condo and douche bag bar-laden area. Happy shopping!


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