Men Who Live In “Converted Dumpster” Apartments.

Going home with a “man” from Williamsburg used to be a much bigger gamble back in the pre-2008 era. You never knew what kind of lodging situation he was going to have: would he share a room with another female roommate? Would he be crashing on someone’s couch? Or would he just try to fuck you in the bathroom so as to avoid showing you his embarrassing accommodations at all costs? With the infiltration of wealth into the neighborhood, however, letting a rando take you back to his apartment became more enjoyable than the sex itself as it usually meant getting to hang out in a posh condo for eightish hours.

The accommodations of a converted dumpster

The accommodations of a converted dumpster

But now, Williamsburg is seeing a regression with a recent ad on Craig’s List offering a $1,200 a month converted dumpster apartment for rent. Any “man” willing to take someone up on this absurd excuse for lodging in an area where people can afford to spend $1,200 on a boutique garment clearly has no business even trying to live there. He’s better off taking his minimal funds and using them for a space off the Wilson L rather than subjecting himself to the humiliation of the girl’s horror upon finding out that yeah, he lives in Williamsburg, but he lives in a fucking dumpster.

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