Men Who Are Fuckboys.

The term “fuckboy” has come to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different women (and “men”). Perhaps that’s why we should get back to basics when it comes to the true definition of this word. You can’t call a “man” a fuckboy merely for being an asshole, because a fuckboy is so much more than that. He feeds off female attention in a way that firmly indicates he got way too much from his mother as a child.

What we all need, even the fuckboys themselves

What we all need, even the fuckboys themselves

Apart from constantly ensuring he looks his best (you know, the way a peacock might), the standard fuckboy concerns himself with very few other things. When dissecting the composition of a fuckboy, it can be broken down into eight major categories/conversation topics: “You up?,” Snapchat screenshots, “Just saw this,” “Netflix and chill,” “I don’t like labels,” Diplo, “Pics?” and “All my exes are crazy.” If you find yourself favoring any of these phrases and/or topics too heavily and you live in Williamsburg, congratulations, you’re a fuckboy.



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