Men Who Get the Pizza Rat Tattooed On Themselves.

New York didn’t used to be known as the type of place that glommed on to mass trends until around the time of TRL. Before that, it was the place associated with caricatures of intellectualism, like Woody Allen and Peter Bogdanovich. As time wore on during the early 00s and beyond, the city and its nearby Williamsburg became much like every other place in the United States–that is to say, utterly consumed by inane memes and moments. In the case of the pizza rat, there is very little that can be likened to how intensely New Yorkers (and I guess Williamsburgites specifically) have become obsessed with it. Not since William Hung has their been so much fervor surrounding a single incident.

The rat the launched a tattoo

The rat the launched a tattoo

But the “man” who recently decided to get a tattoo of gluttonous rodent at Magic Cobra Tattoo Society on S. 3rd Street has taken this fervor to the absolute heights of extremism–and dicklessness. In fact, a “man” getting a tattoo of the pizza rat is tantamount to the woman who gets a tattoo of pizza: trying desperately to show passion for something that loses all meaning once you get a tattoo of it–and that everyone else of your gender wants to get inked on themselves for life. This is not likely to be the last pizza rat tattoo we see on the bodies of “men” walking through Williamsburg either. Perhaps Magic Cobra and Joe’s Pizza should go in on a promotional event for this ne’er dying moment in NYC subway history.



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