Men Who Don’t Help Spectacle Theater Maintain Its $5 Movie Ticket Price Point.

Before Nitehawk and before Williamsburg Cinemas, there was Spectacle Theater, an unassuming hub of camp cinema situated on South 3rd Street near Bedford Avenue. Because it only charges five dollars per showing, it’s understandable that it needs a bit of help to make a few essential renovations in the wake of renewing a very expensive ten-year lease.

The living room-like interior of Spectacle Theater

The living room-like interior of Spectacle Theater

Being that most “men” inhabiting Williamsburg at this moment in time are probably not even aware that this gem of a theater exists in their realm–the perfect place to take one of their many dates for a good time that doesn’t cost a minimum of thirty dollars–it’s no surprise that Spectacle is still roughly $9,000 short of its Kickstarter goal. But, for the dickful cinephile interested in films other than the ones created by Michael Bay, donating to preserve this theater as a beacon of the $5 movie ticket is essential.

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