Men Who Get Their Salad Tossed Without Tossing Back.

As salad tossing becomes an evermore common offer on the menu of sexual relations (I hope you’re picturing Bill Clinton saying that phrase), it has managed to reach the sort of level that head-giving has. And, as we all know, the type of “man” who gets head without giving it is the ultimate selfish piece of shit. The same goes for rimming.

What could be better?

What could be better?

While, yes, a certain amount of “higher intimacy” is usually required in order for a “man” to be willing to toss a woman’s salad, why is it that he always seems to expect it as the norm for himself from a woman he barely knows. Moreover, how gay is he on the Kinsey scale if he has such a predilection for getting his ass eaten? While Khia blazed the trail for even discussing this sexual phenomenon, it’s still not addressed the way it needs to be, particularly on the woman’s part, as she is the most willing to take a crack at the crack without asking for anything in return. Thus, the sexual revolution won’t be complete until equality is reached on this front.

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