Men Who Don’t Realize A Simple ‘Like’ Will Suffice Over a Comment.

For whatever reason, “men” like to believe that others care about their generally uninformed opinion. This is probably why so many of them prefer to comment on something posted on Facebook rather than simply liking it, not seeming to understand that the comments section is typically reserved for the over 50 set.

Keep yo comments to yo damn self

Keep yo comments to yo damn self

What they fail to take into account is that no one cares about what they have to say, nor does the person posting wish to endure the embarrassment of whatever their “witty” (read: snarky) comment is attempting to say. To add to the dicklessness, these “men” don’t even bother to hit the like button in addition to their comment to at least somewhat cushion the blow. But alas, since no one listens to them in life, perhaps they feel inclined to get their sentiments expressed in a way that can’t be ignored by others.

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