Men Who Don’t Fully Comprehend That The Way to A Woman’s Heart Is Through Material.

Just as the old sexist adage, “The way to a ‘man’s’ heart is through his stomach,” the way to a woman’s heart is through material. While many (particularly women) would like to believe that, during these “progressive” times, there’s a bit more substance to a female than this, it can’t be denied that people with a vagina are susceptible to the charms of expensive–or at least sentimental–gifts.

And with women it's material

And with women it’s material

It’s not necessarily that all women are superficial, it’s that they have a tendency to quantify love and caring by what a “man” can and is willing to give them. If he gives her nothing (not even head), then what does she have to prove that he truly gives a fig about the relationship? She’s lent him her many orifices and a sympathetic shoulder to cry on when he inevitably transmutes into a bitch boy, but all he’s done is consistently prove that he himself has nothing to offer in a literal or figurative way. So when all else fails and you feel her rightfully slipping away from you, give the girl material.

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