Men Who Are Bromantic.

One of the many things that can draw a “man’s” attention away from a woman is his bromance, sometimes with one “man,” sometimes with multiples. And, let me tell you, the only thing gayer than being gay is being “straight” and being super into your best guy friend.

It's also gay

It’s also gay

Sure, it’s all well and good for a “man” to have his assorted friendships so that he’s not some sort of clingy annoyance sans a life of his own, but it’s also kind of a boner killer when he’s always going on about what John Plainface did to make him go all gooey-eyed. So, with this in mind, try to keep your male friendships on the Butch Cassidy and Harry Longabaugh (“the Sundance Kid”) side rather than in Evan and Seth from Superbad territory.

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