Men Who Ask “Why Do You Hate Men?” Just Because You Point Out Their Obvious Flaws.

“Men” have this mythology surrounding them that they’re not all that sensitive. And they’re not, except when it comes to themselves. So when Missing A Dick comes along to roil their delicate self-perception and ego, the ire can tend to flare up and, inevitably, the question, “Why do you hate ‘men’?” will be asked as a means to insult and infer that I am some kind of feminazi.

The question "men" ask re: Missing A Dick

The question “men” ask re: Missing A Dick

But I don’t hate “men”–they’re perfectly lovely if and when they can eat you out or give you an orgasm. Or write you poems and otherwise appeal to your vanity. But how often does this actually happen? Usually only when they first meet you and enjoy the novelty of your pussy. Once it becomes day old bread to them, all of their formerly enjoyable qualities disappear and suddenly you start to feel like Madonna after kissing Drake. This is when it becomes easy to point out their glaring shortcomings, now that they’ve revealed their true and constant self to you. And this isn’t to say that women aren’t chockfull of annoying qualities, especially when clustered together in groups. But at least we tend to look better while being a pain in your ass.

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