Men Who Shop at Ralph Lauren’s Williamsburg Outpost.

It takes a certain kind of douche to buy Ralph Lauren clothing. But it takes an even worse breed to make a Ralph Lauren purchase in Williamsburg. The opening of a store there lacks shock value in the wake of J. Crew, Apple and Whole Foods all being par for the new era Williamsburg course.

This "man" wears Ralph Lauren

This “man” wears Ralph Lauren

What is shocking, however, is that any self-respecting “man” would allow himself to set foot in the location (poised for Wythe and N. 3rd Street) to feed into the new stereotype of what it means to be a “man” who lives in and/or hangs out around Williamsburg. If you really must deign to don casual wear on par with Old Navy products, at least have the decency to buy it online so that you might hide your secret shame until actually putting on the clothing.


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