Men Who Give You Affection Purely Because They Haven’t Gotten in Laid in 3+ Days.

There is a misconception that women are the ones who have trouble going without affection for long periods of time. In reality, it is “men” who go crazy without some sort of touch or suck-off if more than three days pass by. In this way, they can tend to take out their desperation on any unsuspecting women standing by.

Don't fall for it

Don’t fall for it

The woman, because she assumes that actions are based on emotions and not genital needs, will misconstrue this affection as being genuine and then give herself away mistakenly to the “man” who has pretended to give a damn about her for his own sexual ends. After he has displayed an overwhelming amount of ardor and subsequently received what he needed, he will return to trolling for other women with a less mushy approach now that his seed has been released and the frenzied desire to fuck has merely calmed down to a strong want.

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