Men Who Suggest Taking the Ferry to Williamsburg and Heading to Smorgasburg For Lunch.

There are a lot of things wrong with How about we… as a dating service: chiefly, it allows “men” to put their lameness on full blast without any shame. What “man” would ever suggest “How about we take the ferry to Williamsburg and head to Smorgasburg for lunch?” otherwise?

Ferries are for fairies

Ferries are for fairies

It’s bad enough to suggest going to Williamsburg in the first place, but to plan an entire day around one of the most cliche activities one can partake in on a Saturday further compounds the issue of dicklessness. At least suggest getting drunk off margaritas from the Turkey’s Nest–the last vestige of pre-gentrification Williamsburg. Unless you count Rosemary’s, which is too close to Dunkin’ Donuts to take seriously now.

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