Men Who Tag Team.

While sexual experimentation is the spice of life (particularly when you’re dealing with the type of basiques that populate most of North Brooklyn), there is something overt about the motives of two male friends who enjoy tag teaming a woman.


These “men” are actually into each other

For one thing, this isn’t Muriel’s Wedding (which you should probably see to complete your knowledge of 90s kitsch cinema) and the woman involved in the tag team rarely actually enjoys herself. Like most sexual notions, the idea of being boned by two “men” is more delightful in theory than in practice. On some level, the woman partaking knows she’s merely the cursory buffer standing in between two friends’ homosexual love for one another. And yet, the “feminist” within her feels that women deserve to be double-teamed just as much as “men.” Alas, she’ll only end up on the outside looking in with a sore vag and no orgasm to speak of. And after, the two “men” in question will simply find another female to tag team so that they don’t let on to the same woman how much they truly relish one another’s bodies.

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