Men Who Give White Men A Bad Name Because of Unmerited Territorialism.

The amount of violence in Williamsburg of late would lead one to mistake the current decade for the 1990s. The latest in the crime wave is an assault against a Hispanic man biking near Leonard Street by two white men who spouted the cliche that he was a “fucking immigrant” who doesn’t belong here.

This is what white "men" look like to other people

This is what white “men” look like to other people

Apart from the obvious fact that that Lady Liberty explicitly said that “the huddled masses yearning to breathe free” were welcome up in this bitch, it’s truly white “men” who are the “immigrants” in Williamsburg when you get right down to it. Apart from the Hasidic community that’s managed to hold on through every change, Wburg was once home to a large Hispanic population. And did they start beating on white artists who began moving to the neighborhood when the rent was still cheap? No. They just sold them drugs. It is these white “men” who ruin it for other blancs, and prompt them to create ridiculous apologist videos like this one.

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