Men Who Need Obvious “Safety Tips” to Avoid Getting Robbed.

Because Williamsburg is now an easy target for robbery and theft thanks to its rich and, let’s face it, kind of dumb population, the police have rallied to protect “the hipster set” from themselves by starting a safety campaign called OutsmartBK in the wake of the surge in robberies in the neighborhood.

An overt thief among the crowd

An overt thief among the crowd

Most pathetic of all, the police are collaborating with the bars of North Brooklyn in order to get their “useful” information into the minds of the public being targeted (read: white boys who never stepped out of their mansion until moving to a condo in Williamsburg). This means attempting to create a hashtag that will motivate people to give a shit about themselves–yet another instance of passive Twitter activism. But let’s face it, if a “man” doesn’t already know to keep his wallet closed, his doors locked and not act like a rich fuck that will lure any robber with half a brain, he deserves the crime inflicted.

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