Men Who Are Not Sentimental.

There are numerous occasions in the lifespan of a relationship with a “man” wherein the woman will be led to believe that certain events or pieces of pop culture will be held dear to the object of her affection in question. Alas, “men,” as we all know, are wired toward the sociopathic bent and couldn’t care less about anything that you yourself would deem being of sentimental value.

Lane Meyer: the only sentimental "man"

Lane Meyer: the only sentimental “man”

After a breakup, the woman tends to assume that the “man” she was with will be as heartbroken about encountering certain things that meant “a lot” to the relationship as she is. This, unfortunately, is rarely the case. The only “man” in the history of “men” ever unable to move on from the woman he was into is Lane Meyer (John Cusack) from Better Off Dead. And actually, even Lane moved on–to a French girl. In any case, if you were actually capable of finding a sentimental bloke, it’s unlikely that you would want to terminate the relationship in the first place. Unless of course he was overly sentimental–in which case he would be missing a dick in that regard as well.

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