Men Who Sell Williamsburg Air.

We all have to make a dollar in this town if we expect to survive, however there is a certain limit to the depths of “ingenuity” a “man” can allow himself to go. A prime case in point of this is eBay seller theedgedweller. While no picture is attached to his now defunct user account, let’s just make the highly accurate assumption that he’s a “man.”

theedgedweller, dickless

theedgedweller, dickless

This “man” tried to sell Williamsburg “air” for $39.99, only to have the bids raise all the way to $20, 100. To capitalize on the skewed views people have of Williamsburg being a neighborhood worth buying air from, which as we all know, was probably just a trapped fart, is not only immoral, but smacking of someone missing a dick–“man” or not.

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