Men Who Use Pinterest.

Let’s get one thing straight (a double meaning word choice in this instance): “men” who use Pinterest are under strong suspicion of having a vagina. While the Williamsburg “male” tends to think himself exempt from the normal rules of masculinity, it is a widely known fact that the only type of “man” who uses this “platform” isn’t going to go anywhere near a labia anytime soon.

Nothing you "pin" will ever be masculine

Nothing you “pin” will ever be masculine

No amount of Clint Eastwood images from the 70s or “fashionable” business suits (which are probably from Zara) are going to make you using Pinterest seem any more masculine. Leave the coveting of material you can’t afford to the woman you should be buying it for. You, on the other hand, should be putting your curation skills to better use, preferably by creating a romantic artistic homage to your girlfriend using every possible medium (except finger painting. Finger painting is for children and mental patients.).

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