Men Who Tap You To Conclude A Hug.

One supposes that it’s understandable for the so-called masculine “man” to be uncomfortable with lengthy hugs–or hugging at all. In his mind, it’s a sign of weakness–the mark of a pussy, not a dick. This is an egregious error on the part of the “man” who feels that in evading embraces, he is somehow proving his machismo.

A tap hugger, no doubt

A tap hugger, no doubt

Even worse than the evasive male hugger, however, is the kind who taps you (usually approximately two times to indicate he’s over it and you need to let go) to conclude his flaccid hug. But when one is flaccid in dick (that’s really just a nub), what’s to be expected? The mark of a true “man,” however, is one who isn’t afraid of the long hug–one who doesn’t abruptly end it for fear of the expression of emotion that’s manifested in a meaningful physical way.

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