Men Who Are Skinny.

The Williamsburg aesthetic thrives on harboring thin “men” who wear tank tops to show off their meticulously chosen tattoos. To make the look even worse, these “men” are often extremely pale and untoned. While the tides may have turned in favor of women possessing a rail figure as opposed to a zaftig one, the preference for a more muscular male body has always been in vogue.

The thin "man"

The thin “man”

Thus, it’s a little unclear as to why this North Brooklyn ilk got it into their heads that they could single-handedly alter the timeless trend in the male physique. And, to make matters worse for themselves, they like to talk about how they can eat just about anything without ever gaining weight. If you want any chance of landing a bird, at least don’t talk about how easy it is for you to stay thin. Moreover, the more bulk you have, the more likely the sex you’re able to offer will be enjoyable to the woman who isn’t fearful of crushing you with her body by getting on top (because we all know Os are rarely achievable on bottom).

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