Men Who Try To Avoid Dicklessness By Switching Beer Brands.

PBR has long been the official beer of the Williamsburg “man.” To try to change that by switching to the now chicer cheapo brew, “‘Gansett,” is a blatant attempt at masking one’s lack of genitalia over drinking cheap beer that tastes like piss in the first place.

The new PBR in Williamsburg

The new PBR in Williamsburg

The moniker that’s been so dicklessly given to Naragansett is, one assumes, an attempt to make it sound edgier, or quite simply an indication of the average “man’s” lust for monosyllabic caveman speak. While Naragansett is admittedly a step up in the taste realm, “men” of Williamsburg can’t conceal their long history of sucking down PBR with glee. Once missing a dick, always missing a dick–especially if you’re categorized as being among “price-sensitive beer drinkers at hip Brooklyn bars.”

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