Men: Astounding Creatures When It Comes to Exhibiting a Lack of Attention to Detail.

Considering it often takes a “man” the moment the panties come off to be surprised by the fact that a woman is a tranny, it goes without saying that your average “male,” particularly the Williamsburg breed, shows an astounding lack of attention to detail when it comes to life in general and women specifically.



One imagines that, from the perspective of a “man,” a woman is just a shape–either thin or fat, board-bodied or curvaceous. Her hair is either brown or blond, as black or red hair is rarely registered on the Richter scale of fuckability. When she cuts her hair, he does not notice unless, of course, it’s lesbianically short (“men” aren’t completely blind, after all). Even a woman’s age can often go undetected by a “man” if the bar is dark enough (and it always is). The fact of the matter is, the only sense a “man” is truly in tune with is the tactile a.k.a. the feel of two lips around his “dick.” Vision, on the other hand, is not his strong point, which is somewhat ironic when taking into account how much time women spend on their appearance.

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