Men Who Break Into Williamsburg Mini Malls While Waxing About the Zombie Apocalypse.

While there’s a certain nobility to a “man” trying to bring any level of mischief back to the highly sanitized Williamsburg area, it is most certainly lacking in punk rock cachet to break some windows at “The Shops @ 240 Kent Avenue.” And yet, that’s exactly what one drunken/possibly drugged out “man” decided to do last week.

The picturesque location of the break-in

The picturesque location of the break-in

Among other telltale signs of dicklessness, the “man” in question was raving about an inevitable zombie apocalypse, perhaps uncertain if the end of the world would come as a result of this or happen afterward when there were no humans left. Or maybe he’s trying to say that the people currently living in Wburg are already zombies. Whatever the logic, if you’re going to do something “badass,” at least put some goddamn intent behind it.

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