Men Who “Work Out” At Brooklyn Airspace.

As we’ve already discussed, the type of exercise “men” in Williamsburg tend to veer toward is yoga. And, again, as we’ve already established, exercising as a “man” is utterly unnecessary and completely fey. Thus, if you ever see a “man” attempting to better his physique at Brooklyn Airspace, you should probably turn on your heel and decide to perfect your aerialist technique elsewhere.

A woman floats through the air, not a "man"

A woman floats through the air, not a “man”

Not to be sexist towards “men” or whatever (even though, yes, Missing A Dick is all about misandry), but, like, there are certain “sports” you just shouldn’t attempt when you’re relegated to a certain gender. And the “aerialist arts” aren’t really suited to the appearance of being male. Maybe it has to do with women being more angelic or some shit.

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