Men Who–Williamsburg Is Burning.

Sometimes, there’s a reason for nature’s (you didn’t think I was going to say God, did you?) attempted eradication of a specific place. This time, she had it in for a certain dickless sect of NYC–Williamsburg. That’s right, Paris isn’t burning anymore. It’s now a document storage facility on Kent Avenue.

Sometimes, nature just wants to get rid of "men" without a dick

Sometimes, nature just wants to get rid of “men” without a dick

While a slew of firefighters, spraying out water from hoses that did nothing (won’t even touch the subtext there) except get blown away by the wind, worked all day on Saturday to rid the area of its blaze, Mother Nature, who saw fit to miraculously set some papers on fire at 6:20 a.m., was having none of it. She kept that shit going all day long. Maybe she’s trying to send a warning: Stop flaunting your dicklessness or suffer my wrath. And maybe next time Williamsburg won’t be getting off (non-sexually of course) so easy.

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