Men Who Pay A Cover Charge to Get Into A Bar Playing the Super Bowl.

Customarily, paying a cover charge is indicative of a “man” who feels he has something to prove. Like the fact that he can go anywhere based on how much money he has to spend is impressive (which it sometimes is, but usually not since the type of “man” all too willing to pay a cover typically hails from Jersey). Paying to get into someplace showing the Super Bowl, however, is next level dickless.

If you're lucky, food will be a part of the cover

If you’re lucky, food will be a part of the cover

With the Super Bowl being tailor-made for the Williamsburg set in terms of its potential for getting bouge-ified with artisanal snacks and craft beer, paying money to watch it seems completely normal to the average “man” in this neighborhood. Who else is supposed to furnish him with a TV (as this is the one thing missing from his condo)? Or provide him with overpriced beer that makes him feel less like he has a gut? But for the “man” with any testosterone left, a classic at-home party with endless cheap packs of beer is where it’s at for celebrating this “great” American holiday. Then again, I suppose “men” can’t be blamed for the increasing dickless nature of the Super Bowl when the NFL has been showcasing all manner of gay icons at the Halftime Show ever since 2012.

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